East West understands that each client have different interests and preference. Listed below are tour and package selections that will help you in planning your itinerary. These items are grouped according to the type of experience you have selected.

Full Day SuZhou
Suzhou UNESCO world heritage gardens and nearby Chinese water towns present an open door for you to stroll into the authentic ancient China.

Start your tour at the biggest classical garden in Suzhou, Humble Administrator's Garden. The Humble Administrator's Garden enjoys a great reputation and it is a must-see garden in Suzhou. You will explore its leisure area and residential area, which include gardens, bridges, kiosks and exquisite halls.

The Garden of the Master of Nets is only 1/6 of the size of the Humble Administrator's Garden, but it is the most ingenious classical garden in Suzhou. The smallest stone bridge in the city, Yinjing Bridge, is found in this garden. People only need 3 steps to cross it, so it is also called “Three Steps Bridge”.

The best way to see authentic Suzhou local life is to take a rickshaw ride. The rickshaw driver will bring you through small alleys along the Suzhou canyon, and you’ll pass by primary schools, food markets, ancient wells and stone pagodas…

Different from classical gardens, take a boat ride at the Tiger Hill. This is not only a garden, but a combination of kiosks, pagodas, temples, pools, springs and bonsai garden. The hill has over 2,500 years of history, and has many interesting stories associated with it.

Transfer back to Shanghai after the tour.
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Overland to Suzhou from Hangzhou
Land transfer 2 hours from Hangzhou to Suzhou.

Begin your tour at the one and only best preserved urban area of ancient Hangzhou at Qinghefang old street, a historical cultural street area located at the foot of the scenic Wushan Hill of southern Hangzhou. 

Next, visit the Chinese Medicine Museum that imitated the style of southern garden and courtyard. The imposing structure seems to be a celestial crane standing at the foot of Wu Hill. 

Next, explore Xixi Wetland park, a network of rivers, together with the Xihu and Xiling, Xixi wetland as an oasis in the urban area, it is honoured as the first national wetland park in China.

Then visit the former Residence of Mr Hu Xue Yan, one of the richest and famous businessmen during Qing Dynasty. His house is a complex of more than 20 buildings built in traditional Chinese style, with many pavilions, terraces, bridges, verandas, rockeries, all ingeniously designed. 

Lunch at local restaurant. Transfer back to hotel after tour.  
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