East West understands that each client have different interests and preference. Listed below are tour and package selections that will help you in planning your itinerary. These items are grouped according to the type of experience you have selected.

Khoo Kongsi
See fantastic depictions of Chinese Legends carved on the crescent-shaped gold and red roof of the infamous clan house of the Chinese who bear the 'Khoo" surname - the Khoo Kongsi. Also, take a view of the nearby street arts.
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Natural Trail - Upclose with Orangutan
In the morning, we will across Penang Bridge which links the Penang Island to the mainland and head to the world-renowned centre dedicated tot he care of Malaysia's Orangutans. Upon arrival, the lake cruiseres will ferry guests to the Orang Utan Island via a 15-minute boat ride. (Journey from Penang Island takes about 1.5 hours drive). Once on the island, your orangutan journey will begin on a 100-meter steel cage tunnel, which will lead you to their lush home. Here, get an up-close and personal look at how they live and interact with their surroundings and each other. 

Next, proceed to some local fishing villages for a fresh seafood feast. After lunch, explore the quaint rural coastal fishing village on foot. Afterwhich, proceed to a traditional charcoal making brick kiln and take a photo of the local people at work. Head to the nearby Mangrove Forest Reserved and take a short walk on the trail leading into the mangroves.
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Crocodile Farm and Underwater world
Visit Malaysia's largest Crocodile Farm, which is home to over 1000 "Crocodylus Porosus" crocodiles. This particular specie is known to be the largest in size, which makes the crocodile show even more exciting. Next is the captivating Underwater World with exquisite Antarctic, Marine and Rainforest exhibits. Walk through the Aquarium's under-water tunnel and feel being surrounded by the magnified marine life.
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Langkawi full day city tour
The Langkawi Cable Car, also known as Langkawi SkyCab, is one of the major attractions in Langkawi Island, Kedah, Malaysia. It provides an aerial link from the Oriental Village at Teluk Burau to the peak of Gunung Machinchang, which is also the location of the Langkawi Sky Bridge. The total length is 2.2 km, with a journey time from the base to the top of around 15 minutes. 

Hovering over jungle and climbing over 550 million years old rock, SkyCab gives you more than one unique experience. Be informed, SkyCab is located at the oldest part of South East Asia and the first to emerge from the ancient sea and estuary! That’s something to give a goose bump if you can get the gist. Back at Oriental Village where the cable station is located, shop or have lunch (meal on own cost).

After lunch, continue on with to discover the urban and rural areas of Langkawi Island. Visit Makam Mahsuri, where the legendary island beauty who cursed Langkawi for 7 generations before her death was laid to rest. Drive through quaint Malay Villages, paddy fields with muddy water buffaloes and rubber plantations. Visit the Atma Alam Art Village and then to Eagle Square where a 12-metre high eagle statue stands tall. There is an option for quick duty free shopping in Kuah before returning to hotel.

*cable car ride inclusive is based on regular gondola. additional charges applies for express lane, VIP, private and bottom glass gondola.
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Overland train from Kuala Lumpur to Penang
For an alternative transport from Kuala Lumpur to Penang, take a domestic railway ride from Kuala Lumpur Central to Butterworth Penang.
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Ferry ride from Penang to Langkawi
For an alternative transport from Penang to Langkawi, take a ferry ride from Penang to Langkawi
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Point-to-point transfer (one way)
This service can be arranged for any point-to-point transfer within the city or from the city to the coastal area. May it be for a dinner transfer or inter-hotel transfer.
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Penang Heritage & Street Food
Explore the historical Street of Harmony and the colorful Little India. Your route will pass by the famous St. George’s Church, Goddess of Mercy Temple, Sri Mahamariamman Temple and Kapitan Keling Mosque which were all built in the 1800s. Sampling a feast of world famous Penang Street Food which locals like the most

*food sampling included
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Flight booking - Langkawi
Flight Booking from Langkawi - to other destination either domestic flight or international flight
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Aerial Tour of Kuala Lumpur
Aboard a chartered helicopter, enjoy an aerial tour around the main sites of Kuala Lumpur. 
Start the flight from Subang Airport and fly across Petaling Jaya, Bukit Jalil, The Mines, Kuala Lumpur City Center, Batu Caves and Bukit Lanjan. Alternatively, you guests can also choose to take this route: Subang Airport, Mid Valley, Bukit Besi, The Mines, Putrajaya (subject to clearance from ATC and Putrajaya Authority), Bukit Jalil, Sunway Pyramid and back to Subang Airport.

Please note that the vehicle and guide will be required a min 3 hrs disposal due to the distance of the transfers to & from the hotel. Remaining time after the erial flight will be on guest's disposal).
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9 Days 8 Night Singapore/Langkawi Package
Located at the tip of the Malay Peninsula, Singapore's tropical climate welcomes both leisure and business travelers year round. The island republic's excellent -infrastructure enables visitors to enjoy its many sites and attractions in a safe, clean and green environment. Visit world-class attractions such as the Night Safari Park and Universal Studios Singapore. 

After the hustling and bustling of the city-state, kick back and relax in Langkawi. Langkawi island is a cluster of 99 islands offering the best of many worlds: beautiful beaches, world- class infrastructure, mangroves rich in flora and fauna, ultra- cheap duty-free shopping and fascinating legends. For a more intimate time with nature, go on a boat tour of the mangroves. There are also opportunities to go for a round of golf at some of the 5-star resorts.

This is a 9 days package to Singapore and Langkawi; - perfect for family or a group of friends travelling together.
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5 Days 4 Nights Malaysia Formula One Grand Prix
After 19 years, it has been announced that this year’s Grand Prix in Malaysia is to be the country’s last. Thus, take this oppoirtunity to enjoy the final Malaysia Grand Prix. Watch them race for the last time and feel the rush of excitement as you see the Formula 1 cars zoom past you. Enjoy a half day city tour to National Monument, Istana Negara, Independence Square, Petronas Twin Tower in the morning while your afternoons and nights are dedicated to the Grand Prix at the Sepang International Circuit.
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A week appreciating the nature of Sandakan
Unveil the beauty of nature as you spend a week appreciating the nature city of Sandakan and its neighboring islands of Lankayan. Get the opportunity to watch the sunrise on a morning river cruise up the Kinabatangan River to Kelenanap oxbow lake while watching more birds and wildlife, get to learn about Orang Utans and the lodge’s Hornbill Boardwalk with our in-house naturalist. 
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3 days 2 nights in Maliau Nature Safari
Spend 3 days at the Maliau Nature Safari. Search for nocturnal animals and you might even encounter sambar deer, bearded pigs, Malay civet and flying squirrels. Trek through rainforest near Agathis Camp and immerse yourself in the sound of wilderness and discover the abundance of unique flora in the dense forest of Maliau basin.
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2 day 1 night North Borneo Cultural Safari
Explore north Borneo and learn about the cultures they have to offer from the Rungus Community. Watch a demonstration of rubber tapping and sash and beads making at the long house with a stop at the pottery factory.
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3 day 2 night Kiulu Farmstay
Situated by the Kiulu River is the beautiful Kiulu Farmstay, a community based ecotourism project that acts as a catalyst for community development and capacity building. Stay in this natural and rustic ecolodge and enjoy a variety of outdoor adventure activities. No matter what type of getaway you seek – whether it is a romantic couples retreat, an educational family holiday filled with unforgettable memories or a group getaway – Kiulu Farmstay is the place to be.
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Homestay at Kiulu
This very unique homestay offers basic and peaceful accommodation with calming views of lush green paddy fields, forests and undulating mountain ridges. Treat yourself a perfect and ideal gateway and soak yourself in the ambience of natural grandeur in this unforgettable journey to the valley of the mist, the Kiulu Valley. 
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3 days 2 nights Summit of Kinabalu
Trek Mt Kinabalu and take a guided walking trail tour to the cool surroundings of the montane forest. By your third day, you will reach the summit at 13,435 ft to watch the sun rise over the mountain at 6am.

Mt Kinabalu Summit Climb, Do’s and Don’ts
To ensure your safety, it is advisable to bear in mind the following tips: -
• Stay overnight in Kinabalu Park or Kundasang Highlands (1500m a.s.l) prior to climb allows you to acclimatize to altitude changes and reduce AMS while climbing
• Engaging a mountain guide is compulsory for yourself / your group (Ratio of Max 5 climbers to 1 mountain guide)
• Wear comfortable trekking or running shoes with a good grip
• Cut your toe nails to prevent knocking into your shoes
• Have enough warm clothing for the summit climb
• You should feel comfortable and be able to move freely with any attire that you wear (Denim jeans not recommended)
• Try to pack your climbing bag at around 4-8Kg (Do not bring too many unnecessary things)
• Do not take a heavy breakfast prior to the climb
• Try to finish your packed lunch within 1-2 hours from the start of the ascent (To reduce weight)
• For any special meal diet such as vegetarians, please inform our Mount Kinabalu Booking Centre consultants for arrangement
• Some chocolate & energy bars may be satisfying
• Trek at a normal pace (Too fast may result high altitude sickness & vomiting, too slow will drain out your energy)
• Rest longer at 4th or 5th KM mark – about 10 mins for high altitude acclimatization
• Should you feel too tired to carry on, try not to sit or lay down on high altitude, just stand still
• Untreated fresh mountain water is available at every shelter; you may refill your bottle at these stops (Bring some water purification tablets)
• Boiled water available for refill at Laban Rata Restaurant & Pendant Hut
• Be extra careful with your steps during the wet spell
• Do not run at any time while ascending or descending the mountain
• Do not run at the summit especially around the 7.4 KM mark (Most dangerous point)
• Cover your nose (and mouth) with a scarf in windy condition on high ground
• Make extra sure your feet and hands are warm and dry during the final ascent
• When descending, try to walk sideway or in a zig-zag way to prevent slipping and reduce pain on joints
• Do not bring valuable items
• Fit Climber trekking duration (3 to 4 hrs) from Timpohon Gate to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata)
• Average Climber trekking duration (5 to 6 hrs) from Timpohon Gate to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata)
• Unfit Climber trekking duration (7 to 8 hrs) from Timpohon Gate to Mountain Hut (Laban Rata)
• Bring extra Ringgit Cash (No Credit Card available at Laban Rata)
• Trekking Pole available for rental (RM10.00 – RM15.00) at stop-over stores between KK City and Kinabalu Park
• Laban Rata Restaurant OPEN 7.00am and CLOSE at 7.30pm (No Food available after 7.30pm)
• Laban Rata Restaurant staff will clear up Tables, Chairs, Utensils and Drinking Water Pot at 7.45pm – 8.00pm
• Laban Rata Grocery Counter Closed at 7.30pm (Selling À la Carte Food, Beverages, Chips, Chocolate Bar, Batteries…etc)
• Laban Rata (Non-Heated Dormitory Rooms, Blanket, Bed, Bed Sheet and Pillow provided)
• Pendant Hut (Non-Heated Rooms, Sleeping Bag, Bed, Bed Sheet and Pillow provided)
• There will no health checks conducted by any authorities during climb registration, so climb at your own risk

• Identify your Mountain Guide who will display an identification card.
• Travel together in your own group and stay with the Mountain Guide at all times.
• Follow the instructions of your Mountain Guide.
• Alert your Mountain Guide if you face any difficulty.
• Believe It or Not, DO NOT SHOUT, SCREAM or CURSE the mountain at any point of time.
• Display your climbing permit and show it to Park Officials at the check point at Timpohon Gate, Laban Rata and Sayat-Sayat on your way up and down.
• If for any reason, you are separated from your group or the Mountain Guide, please follow the white rope that marks the summit Trail. If visibility is very low or in the dark please hold onto the rope and follow it. (There is a thick white rope leasing all the way from the vegetation belt above Panar Laban to the summit. Use this rope to help climbing up and prevent falling when walking down. PLEASE FOLLOW and USE THE ROPE FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.
• The weather on the Summit area can deteriorate in a matter of minutes. Thick mist may reduce visibility to only 3 meters, and rainstorms and wind of up to 120 km/hr. may occur at times. Please hold on to the ROPE, which will lead you to safety.
• If you are separated from your Mountain Guide and lose sight of the ROPE, STOP IMMEDIATELY, stay where you are and blow your whistle to attract attention. PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO FIND YOUR WAY OUT. HELP is definitely on the way. The Park Officials at Sayat-Sayat check point will notice that you are missing.
•While climbing to the summit please make sure to carry with you the followings:-
- Wear enough warm clothing (temperature can be freezing at times)
- A head torchlight (to light your way during pre-dawn climb and to signal for help when needed)
- A rain coat (to protect you from rain and wind, and it will slow down the loss of body heat)
- A whistle (only to be used when help is needed. Three short blasts to attract attraction, long continuous blasts for emergency and serious injuries)
- Some energy food and water (e.g. extra chocolate, glucose tablets, biscuits)(for emergency-use when you are waiting for help to arrive)

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4 days 3 nights Crocker Range Eco Trek
The Crocker Range is a forest covered mountain range which stretches in a south westerly direction from Mount Kinabalu towards the Sabah - Sarawak border. It separates the coastal plains from the interior regions. Frequently shrouded in rain clouds, the peak rise to between 1200 - 1800 meters above sea and coastal plains. Formerly a forest reserve, the 1399 square kilometers area became a national park in 1984. It is the largest park in Sabah.

The Crocker Range is bisected by the Padas Gorge, through which swirls the mighty Padas River. The Crocker Range provides a vital water catchment area for communities in the foothills and plains to both the west coast and interior.

Previously, there was no road from the interior to the coastal town but only with bridle paths crisscrossing the hinterlands. These bridle paths took the villagers down to the coastal town, bartering for salt, matches and kerosene. These paths have since been known as the Salt Trail and used for this Crocker Range Jungle trek.

Note: Temperature at night could drop to 13°C.  Personal Porter is available on request at a surcharge. All trekkers are required to fill in a confidential Medical Information Form and Indemnity Form which will be provided during pre-briefing session prior to the commencement of tour. In the event of heat exhaustion, injury or sickness, helicopter rescue can be arranged at client’s expense.

Crocker Range Trek Do’s & Don’ts
• Register your arrival and perform check out after end of tour at the Registration Office
• Inform us of any changes to your scheduled activities
• Understand our in-house rules
• Ask our ranger for assistance
• During an emergency, follow the instructions from our ranger on duty
• Jungle trekking activities must be accompanied by our ranger
• Wear proper clothes and shoes during outdoor activities
• Always drink boiled water
• Bring extra drinking water during trekking
• Bring useful items such as insect repellent, First Aid Kit, toiletries, torch light, and snacks during trekking
• Bring only crucial items while trekking
• Take good care of your belongings and keep them in a safe place
• Put some identification on your belonging before handing over to your personal porter
• Confirm and know the guide or ranger who will accompany you
• Inform the guide /ranger if you have any health problems
• Think “safety first” for any activities
• Keep within your group while trekking
• Check your surroundings before taking a rest
• Bring back your solid rubbish
•Stay alert while trekking
• Take your time during trekking
• Enjoy your stay

• Walk alone in the forest
• Make noise
• Use perfume
• Shade/stop under a dead tree
• Touch any unknown insect or plant
• Take away any forest product
• Use candles after lights are turned off
• Open burning
• Hunt, fish, collect and cut plants
• Leave any graffiti
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5 days 4 nights Maliau Basin Trek
Spend 5 days at the Maliau Basin and have an adventure of your life. Swim at waterfalls, discover exotic plants along "Jalan Babi" and immerse yourself to the sound of wilderness. 

Located at the south-central region of Sabah, approximately 40km off the Kalimantan border is Maliau Basin, Sabah's Lost World. With an area of 590 sq km, Malian Basin was part of Yayasan Sabah Concession Area and voluntarily designated as a Conservation Area in 1981 for research, education, and training purposes. It was upgraded in 1997 to a Class I Protection Forest Reserve and extended to present size. Its protection was further enhanced when it was gazetted as a Cultural Heritage Site under the state Cultural Heritage (Conservation) Enactment in 1999. Day-to-day management is by Yayasan Sabah on behalf of Maliau Basin Management Committee. The Rivers of Maliau Basin flows out into the Kuamut River, a major tributary of the Kinabatangan.

The main forests are Lower montane, Heath, Lowland and hill Dipterocarp forest. Over 1800 species types of plants have been identified, including 6 species of pitcher plants and 80 species of orchids. Over 82 mammal species, 270 bird species and over 30 species of amphibians have so far been recorded.

Note: Temperature at night could drop to 13°-15°C.  Personal Porter is available on request at a surcharge. All trekkers are required to fill in a confidential Medical Information Form and Indemnity Form which will be provided during pre-briefing session prior to the commencement of tour. In the event of heat exhaustion, injury or sickness, helicopter rescue can be arranged at client’s expense.
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